Born in England, Matt attended the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) and spent the first few years of his career working in a recording studio, before leaving the UK in his early 20’s with a backpack. Arriving in Australia he took a job with Vodafone for 4 years and then went on to join his first startup company, a technology company focused on improving the liquor industry supply chain. That experience lead to a passion for startup culture and the creative processes that come with developing a business. He went on to work for a number of startups and early stage technology companies, gaining valuable experience in all areas of business management, across a number of countries in Asia Pacific.

In 2007, whilst seeking some balance with his corporate career, Matt made a visit to a tsunami orphanage in southern Thailand. That trip took his life in a new direction leading him to become involved in fundraising & humanitarian work. He made several relief trips to Myanmar, following Cyclone Nargis, helping to deliver food and aid to victims as well as staying with the local community and supporting a project to rebuild a school. Those experiences provided valuable lessons in leadership, and evoked an interested in social entrepreneurship, with Matt going on to design and launch several projects in Asia. These include: and

Matt’s other passions include writing and film production. In 2013 he wrote and produced “The Forest Way”, a documentary about the lives of western monks practicing in the Thai Forest Tradition and he’s currently working on his first feature length film “Dark Karma”.

Matt lives in Pai, Northern Thailand and when he’s not working he enjoys cycling around the hills, chilling by the pond, or writing. He can be contacted at: